Who We Are

Alpha Consortium Ltd was founded in 2001 as an engineering, consulting and project management company situated in Lagos, Nigeria. As a private sector organization, it consults and advises various Federal and State Governments on all aspects of utilities management, ranging from Energy, Water Resources, Waste Management and Information Technology deployment.

The company was officially incorporated on 21st of May 2002 as a diversified Multi-project, Consulting & Outsourcing enterprise currently with an authorized share capital of N150 million. The paid up share capital is currently N120, 000,000.00.

From date of incorporation, Alpha Consortium Ltd has involved in National Grid Metering, demonstrating expertise in the procurement and installation of energy meters, current transformers, voltage transformers across the PHCN National power grid in partnership with Trench, China. The firm also carried out civil works for plights, cabling and mounting of gantries and instrument transformers.

Ownership Structure

Alpha is jointly owned by three dynamic individual companies with proven performance in their chosen areas of operation. The Ownership Structure is;



Ideal Home Fixture & Fittings Ltd



Pesley Technologies & Allied Limited



First Atlantic Asset Management




Our Mission

Strive to maintain a leadership position in the provision of value added services to our clients through:

* The establishment of mutually beneficial relationships and strategic alliances with best of class operators worldwide.
* Setting and meeting challenging service delivery and project management standards
* Leading the way in evolution and operation of a private sector driven economy, in the process brightening the lives of those we relate with.

Our Vision

Our vision is to earn a reputation as first choice and dependable service providers and project managers, whilst touching lives in many ways.

Key Corporate Strategy

To provide a platform that will actively take leadership position in the Turnaround of the Nigerian economy via strategic alliances with local and foreign institutions that are poised to participate in the opportunities emerging from the democratized Nigeria economy, this we aim to achieve via alliances, partnership and cooperation with local and foreign institutions that specialize in our core area of business.

Our Business Groups

Alpha Consortium Ltd business groups is made up of four core units/departments headed by Group Heads. The groups are:

  • Power & Electrical
  • E-Business & Revenue Cycle Management
  • Water & Environmental Management
  • Renewable Energy Solution

For over fifteen years of project execution and delivery for both public and private sector economy, we have developed skills and professionalism.

We pioneered the PSP Environment Waste Management Programme as lead consultants to the Ministry of Environment Lagos State. Reforms and contributions provided the bedrock of waste management in Lagos State today.

We provide structures and systems to foster a clean, healthy and beautiful environment to make the little corner of your world pleasant;

We partner with both local and foreign organisations to deliver state-of-the-art industry leading services to our clients

Institutions with large scale customer base requiring improvement in revenue collection efficiency find our revenue cycle management useful in the utilities sector;

Under a public private partnership, we create windows for the employment of the citizens as part of poverty alleviation.

  • Smart Prepaid Metering Technology with a system for total elimination of bypass and management of meter tampering;
  • A Smart Pay Solution that supports multiple payment channels (Internet, POS, GSM, E-bank, ATM) for all utilities billing and collection;
  • Revenue Cycle Management Solution for data gathering, household database management; and Management Information Reporting and utilities control;
  • Software solution for the integration of all utilities (Gas, Water , Electricity and service charges) distribution and management;

  • Waste Management and billing services
  • Outdoor signage and advertisement services